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Typing is one of those skills that you simply can’t acquire overnight. It’s complex and requires the development of proper muscle memory. Many people, especially those busy with other matters, just don’t have the time to learn to type properly. Others can type quickly, but have so much else to do that retyping a document merely takes them away from their most important work. For these and others, we offer complete typing services. Here is why we think we are an excellent candidate for your typing needs.

Virtual Typist Services

virtual-typist-services To put it plain and simple: we give you quick, accurate typing and custom formatting for all your document types. Our available deadlines for all transcription types vary to suit your requirements. However, in addition to this simple service, we give you advice on editing and formatting upon request. We also allow you to revise your document halfway through the process and again at the end. We are committed to creating a document that fulfills your vision, no matter what.

We offer help with manuscripts, documents, resumes, theses, and more. Additionally, if you require audio transcription, we have a special staff certified in this field. Unlike our competitors, we are flexible about retyping and transcription. Our range of styles and our competitive prices put us at the top of the field. You won’t find a better service. We stand by these promises:

  • Perfectly proofread, with a less than 1% error rate
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Refund of the full purchase price if not satisfied
  • 24/7 available customer service
  • Formatting that matches your needs
  • On time by your deadline

We also stand by our excellent team of typists. They come from many different backgrounds and allow us to offer a diversity of perspectives that helps increase the accuracy of your transcription. We make sure that all of our professionals are excellent at teamwork and listen to your critiques to follow the direction you want your project to take.

Best Professional Typist

professional-typist-is-ready-to-helpDon’t let yourself get bogged down in the process of finding a professional typist. After all, clerical services are supposed to make your life easier, not more difficult. Instead, rely on us to give you the best. We give you support at every stage, and we know that we can help you succeed.

Contact us now and get the most reassuring and helpful professional typist available.